Career at Arıkanlı

Arıkanlı Holding's most important asset is people.
At the backbone of Arıkanlı Holding's success ever since the first day of its establishment has been the organization's employees, specialized in their fields and working with high motivation, knowledge and skills. Arıkanlı Holding's achievements have been the product of working with supportive people who are in constant development and growth. The human resources policy of Arıkanlı Holding was formulated on the basis of the organization's vision and mission statements. In this context, we regard as one of our most important responsibilities, the recruitment of persons who will take our corporate values to the next level, work in compliance with the values of the Group, and contribute to leading the organization ahead.​

Our Human Resources Vision
To achieve the permanent and sustainable success of Arıkanlı Holding with a results-oriented organizational structure that takes quick decisions and works with a highly competent group of employees.

Our Human Resources Mission
To create systems compatible with Arıkanlı Holding's goals and strategies and that also increase the Holding's competitive power by keeping employee motivation high, developing dedication to the corporation, and continuously improving on unity and cooperation among employees.

Systems Applied
The three basic systems that we apply in our work ensure that employees create added value for themselves and for the organizations of which they are a part.

• Career Advancement System
The career advancement system aims to create a permanent work force of highly motivated individuals open to personal development. The basic principle of the Holding in this is to promote managers and manager candidates from within staff ranks. The training needs of Arıkanlı Holding employees are determined on the basis of the results of career advancement and performance evaluations.

• Performance Management System
At Arıkanlı Holding, the objective of the performance management process is to establish trust and integration between employees and to achieve the high productivity of employees as well as of the corporation. The Performance Management System rewards individual achievement and supports training and development opportunities.

• Suggestion System
The employees of the Holding and its affiliates share their suggestions for achieving savings, improving services, and increasing domestic and international customer satisfaction with the Human Resources Coordination Department through the Suggestion System. The suggestions submitted are evaluated by the Suggestion Committee and awarded recognition to the degree that they benefit the Holding. ​​